NIPER Coaching

Niper 20010 Results

Mithra Academy trained 180 students from all over ANDHRA PRADESH,KARNATAKA and MAHARASTRA for NIPER 2010.

91 students got good ranks and joined NIPERS through out the country.

Following are the Names and the corresponding Branches taken by our students:

NO. NAME OF THE STUDENT Corresponding Branches
1 A. Vamshi Krishna (All India 2nd Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
2 K. Shabari Girinath (All India 3rd Rank) Pharmaceutics, Mohali
3 S. Vijay kumar (All India 6th Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
4 A. Phanisri (All India 15th Rank) Pharmaceutics, Mohali
5 A. Nikhil Kumar (All India 16th Rank) Pharmaceutics, Mohali
6 T. Lalith Mohan (All India 19th Rank) Pharmaceutics, Mohali
7 P. Karthik (All India 22nd Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
8 U.Dedeepya (All India 24th Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
9 G. Upendar Rao (All India 27th Rank) Pharmaceutics, Mohali
10 D. Rahul Kumar (All India 28th Rank) Pharma M.B.A, Mohali
11 B. Somashekar (All India 34th Rank) Pharma. Formulations, Mohali
12 S. Mallikarjuna Rao (All India 36th Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
13 G. Ravinder Reddy (All India 49th Rank) Pharmacology and toxicology, Mohali
14 A. Srinivas Naik Pharmaceutics, Mohali
15 B. Deepika Pharma. Analysis, Mohali
16 N. Gnaneshwar Pharma M.B.A, Mohali
17 P. Balakrishna Pharma M.B.A, Mohali
18 Abid Ali Shaik Medi. Chem, Mohali
19 SNC. Sridhar Medi. Chem, Mohali
20 P. Kethadevi Medi. Chem, Mohali
21 B. Suresh Medi. Chem, Mohali
22 K. Priyanka Raju Bio-Tech, Mohali
23 S. N. Banu Bio-Tech, Mohali
24 G. Srinivas Bio-Tech, Mohali
25 R. Sharath Chandra Bio-Tech, Mohali
26 Ch. Kiran Kumar Bio-Tech, Mohali
27 S. Vinay Kumar Bio-Tech, Mohali
28 K. Anil Goud Bio-Tech, Mohali
29 D. Sravanthi Bio-Tech, Mohali
30 K. Raju Bio-Tech, Mohali
31 P. Dheeraj Bio-Tech, Mohali
32 K. Jagannath Pharma. M.B., Mohali
33 N. Prasun Kumar Pharma. M.B., Mohali
34 K. Koushik Pharma. M.B., Mohali
35 K. Ismail Pharma. M.B., Mohali
36 Govind Naik Pharma. M.B., Mohali
37 G. Uday Kumar Pharma. M.B., Mohali
38 M. Naresh Natural Products, Mohali
39 S. Divya Natural Products, Mohali
40 B. Ravi Kumar Natural Products, Mohali
41 M. Santosh Kumar Bulk Drugs, Mohali
42 M. Neelima P. Practice, Mohali
43 Sahaja P. Practice, Mohali
44 S. Abhinaya P”co. Informatics, Mohali
45 P. Karunakar Reddy P”co. Informatics, Mohali
46 G. Venkatesh P”co. Informatics, Mohali
47 K. Jhansi Reddy Pharmaceutics, Hyd
48 C. H. Srikanth Pharmaceutics, Hyd
49 T. Rajesh Pharmaceutics, Hyd
50 Ramesh Pharmaceutics, Hyd
51 Venkatasai Sandeep Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hyd
52 A. Shashidhar Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hyd
53 B. Pradeep Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hyd
54 C. Sateesh Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hyd
55 V. Spandana Pharma. Analysis, Hyderabad
56 K. Sravani Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
57 J. Chaitanya Kumar Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
58 D Swetha. Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
59 T. Vaasavi Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
60 K. Mounika Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
61 V. Naveena Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
62 T. Navya Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
63 M. Sridevi Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
64 N. Divya Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
65 K. Uday Kumar Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
66 B. Ravi Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
67 G. Saidanaik Medi. Chem, Hyderabad
68 S. Eshwara Murali Natural Products, kolkata
69 N. Phani Kumar Natural Products, kolkata
70 M. Ashok Natural Products, kolkata
71 G. Priyadarshini Natural Products, kolkata
72 M. Srinivas Natural Products, kolkata
73 K. Shivaji P”co. Informatics, Kolkata
74 Ch. Kiranmai P”co. Informatics, Kolkata
75 A. Gowtham P”co. Informatics, Kolkata
76 D. A. Srinivasa Rao Pharmaceutics, Raibareli
77 B. Veeranna Pharmaceutics, Ahmedabad
78 M. Ramu Pharmacology, Ahmedabad
79 K. Venkateshwarlu Bio-Tech Ahmd
80 SR. Chandrashekar Pharmacology, Guwahati
81 D. Yuva Kishore Pharmacology, Guwahati
82 V. Mahesh Pharmacology, Guwahati
83 V. Agnesh Pharmacology, Guwahati
84 P. Leneena P. Practice, Guwahati
85 P. Ramakrishna P. Practice, Guwahati
86 L. Ramu Bio-Tech, Guwahati
87 S. Priyanka P”co. Informatics